Nuno 'Stru' Figueired: riding his kite at Praia do Norte, in Nazaré

The Guinness World Records have confirmed it. Nuno "Stru" Figueiredo has officially ridden the world's biggest kitesurfing wave.

On November 8, 2017, the kitesurfer from Porto, Portugal, launched his kite at Praia do Norte in Nazaré and sailed into one of the most dangerous beach breaks on the planet.

The wind was blowing from the north, and the waves were slightly facing south.

After jumping off the crest of a couple of waves to get acquainted with the lineup, Figueiredo aimed for the record wave.

According to the Guinness World Records, the wave measured 62 feet (19 meters).

"I guess I feared it when I was still looking at the waves from the outside. But when I got to the water, the fear went away. You have to focus because your life is on the line," explains Nuno "Stru."

"But you've got to be willing to do it. And you need years of training."

"I watched how Nazaré worked for a few years because, in kitesurfing, we need more than just big waves. You've got to know exactly how the wind is blowing and behaving."

Kitesurfing at Praia do Norte: Nazaré has a new Guinness world record | Photo: Praia do Norte

A Day For The Records

Nuno "Stru" Figueiredo says he prepared himself both physically and mentally for the stunt.

Interestingly, he was not the only waterman to break a Guinness world record on that day. Rodrigo Koxa also set a new benchmark in surfing by riding an 80-foot wave (24.38 meters).

"It was a bit weird because when there's too much wind, the waves become too choppy and messy. But with the right wind direction, anything is possible in Nazaré," added the new world record holder.

"Stru," 41, was the first kitesurfer to ride the mammoth waves of Praia do Norte.

Actually, in 2016, he had already sailed a 39-foot wave (12 meters) at the Portuguese surf break, but he felt he could improve his performance and push the envelope further.

"It was a dream come true. But now I have other plans. They will involve big waves and Nazaré," concludes the Portuguese kitesurfer.

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