Olly Bridge faster than windsurfers in the 2016 Lancelin Ocean Classic

January 18, 2016 | Kiteboarding
2016 Lancelin Ocean Classic: kites dominated the marathon | Photo: Carter

Olly Bridge was the fastest sailor of the 2016 Lancelin Ocean Classic. Kiteboarders have beaten windsurfers in the 25-kilometer marathon held in Western Australia.

The event founded by windsurfers in 1986 kicks off from Ledge Point and attracts hundreds of amateur and veteran wind addicts from all over the world. The 31st edition of the Lancelin Ocean Classic ignited an old rivalry between two board sports.

Both windsurfing and kiteboarding marathons ran simultaneously along the same stretch. Olly, one of the talented members of the Bridge family, was able to complete the adventure in 26 minutes and 8 seconds.

Olly won the kitesurfing division and the overall title. In the Women's division, Swiss kitesurfer Karin Scheiwiller also finished first, ahead of the windsurfing fleet.

The winner of the Men's windsurfing marathon was Cyril Moussilmani. The PWA World Tour campaigner concluded the race in 29 minutes and 42 seconds.

"I'm proud to win such a prestigious event, and it's a good start to the year for me and gives me a lot of confidence. I love windsurfing in WA, one of my favourite places in the world," said Moussilmani.

"The wind was a bit up and down, which made it a bit hard, but such a great race. I love the format, and I just wish there were more races like this. It's also good to race with the kites, something we don't usually get to do."

2016 Lancelin Ocean Classic | Kitesurfing and Windsurfing Marathons

Men Kitesurfing
1. Oliver Bridge, 26:08
2. Torvar Mirsky, 27:58
3. Andrew Cooksey, 28:47
4. Alti Frisby, 29:38
5. Dale Stanton, 30:59

Women Kitesurfing
1. Karin Scheiwiller, 40:42
2. Wendy Wisbey, 01:12:47

Men Windsurfing
1. Cyril Moussilmani, 29:42
2. Steve Allen, 30:21
3. Bourgeois Gautier, 31:07
4. Patrik Diethelm, 32:08
5. Jesper Orth, 33:38

Women Windsurfing
1. Karin Jaggi, 47:16
2. Lok Yiu Wong, 55:53
3. Mariek Bakker, 58:18
4. Kirra Pallant, 01:02:22
5. Justyne Sniady, 01:07:49