Formula Kite: the official kiteboarding equipment for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games | Photo: IKA

The International Kiteboarding Association (IKA) announced that the factory inspections regarding the new Formula Kite equipment will include 15 manufacturers.

IKA revealed that the technical checkups for the Formula Kite registered series production scheme will focus on 15 of the 17 received applications.

After completing the registration application process in September 2019, which featured an extensive list of technical equipment requirements and documentation, it is now time to assess the businesses' liability.

"We have received 17 applications for hydrofoil system equipment and six applications for foil kite (ram-air) equipment," IKA states.

"One foil kite and seven hydrofoil system applications were rejected."

En Route to Paris 2020

Formula Kite will be the official kiteboarding equipment for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

It features a hydrofoil kiteboard and a ram-air kite that shall be manufactured by licensed companies.

Unlike in a one-design concept - for example, windsurfing's RS:X - the new Formula Kite class allows different models from different manufacturers to compete against each other on an Olympic level playing field.

However, kite manufacturers must provide detailed information (material, dimensions, weight, etc.) on the developing process to ensure that all athletes have access to the same equipment.

In the end, the goal is to "avoid an arms race with custom-made gear."

IKA will now move to factory inspections.

The hydrofoil systems subject to examination are Airush-Starboard, Chubanga, Duotone, Enata, Flying Sardine, Kite Foil Australia, Levitaz, Moses, Taaroa, and Uramoztu.

The foil kites that will be scrutinized are Aeros/Elf, Flymaax, Flysurfer, F-One, and Ozone.

Finally, IKA revealed that it is "investigating irregularities with currently registered equipment from the previous registration cycle."

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