Pat Goodman will design kites for North Kiteboarding

August 1, 2018 | Kiteboarding
Pat Goodman: the new Chief Kite Designer of North Kiteboarding | Photo: North Kiteboarding

Pat Goodman has been announced as the new Chief Kite Designer of North Kiteboarding.

The decision comes one month after the end of the partnership between the North Technology Group (NTG) and Boards & More, co-founders of the kiteboarding brand.

An industry authority on kite design and innovation for the past 18 years, Goodman's ability to understand and translate rider requirements into high-performance kite designs puts him among the world's most awarded, respected and successful kite designers.

"Pairing Goodman's design skills and experience with the power, technology and unmatched resources of NTG's aero and hydrodynamic teams in foiling and sail-making is going to make it an incredibly exciting time for the industry," notes Mike Raper, director at North Kiteboarding.

"Pat's understanding of construction techniques and the complexity of 3D kite design software make him the authority in his field, and we're all amped for him to embark on the journey with us at North."

Goodman's appointment will see him work closely with North's engineers and riders to build a world-class intelligence set and innovative R&D capability.

"I'm looking at this opportunity with a fresh perspective when it comes to designing North kites. It is going to be a huge task, but I'm excited to be able to start with a clean slate and ready to evolve and deliver something a little different this time around," added Goodman.

"The door that has opened up with NTG, North Sails and Southern Spars is beyond anything I have ever had access to before. I can't wait to see what we can do with this technology at our fingertips and how it will adapt and cross over into kiteboarding - I feel like I just got the combination to the technology safe."

Goodman's trained eye enables him to meticulously refine a kite's bridling and performance on the spot, working alongside some of the industry's top riders to assist the flow between rider and nature for a better experience and higher performance.

Along with the newly established North Kiteboarding leadership team, Goodman will now focus on making kiteboarding more accessible, innovative, sustainable and exciting through the new product range launching in August 2019.