Patrick Rebstock wins the West Coast CKA Championships

April 8, 2010 | Kiteboarding

West Coast kitesurfers: kiteboard and party people

The West Coast CKA had their West Coast Championships at UCSB. The event worked out perfectly, with a good scene and excellent conditions. By late morning, the contest area was set up featuring Red Bull gear, a DJ, lots of sunshine and a whole bunch of eager kiters.

After crafty attempts to rig Rebstock’s rubber tow-at apparatus and some good laughs, the faithful springtime Santa Barbara winds kicked in perfectly. Surfstyle was run first with the following results:

1st Place: Patrick Rebstock (Cal Poly)
2nd Place: Kurt Miller (UCSB)
3rd Place: Mikey Benaron (UCSB)
4th Place: Reed Brady (Cuesta)

Rebstock pulled through with the victory thanks to his heavy turns and especially his ariel maneuvers (air reverses, alley oop, and large grabs). Kurt Miller came in a very close second place due to his impeccable unhooked forehand riding, wave selection, and overall ridiculous surfing style.

Mikey Benaron came in a close third with numerous consistent high wave scores from the judges, followed by the infamous Reed Brady.

The wind stayed solid through the freestyle heats and there was a fierce battle for 1st between Reed Brady of Cuesta and Patrick Rebstock of Cal Poly. Rebstock’s technicality and overall performance proved to win the judges over in the end as he took the final.

Results were:

1st Place: Patrick Rebstock (Cal Poly)
2nd Place: Reed Brady (Cuesta)
3rd Place: Zach Goepel (UCSB)
4th Place: Kurt Miller (UCSB)

After the heats and the beach cleanup the crew headed to a local sports bar for beer, wings, and the contest results before a long night of debauchery at the IVKC house. Thanks to IVKC (Zach Goepel), Cal Poly (Andy Crafts) and USD (Will Caldwell) for hosting these events and making this circuit possible this year.

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