Performing a quality kite crash test

April 6, 2011 | Kiteboarding

Kite crash test: come one, die!

The kiteboarding industry has been developing ways of turning the sport into new safe zone levels. At the same time, kitesurfing brands are finding techniques that may increase the user-friendliness, an old problem.

Flysurfer, one of the leading kite brands, has recently launched its "Viron", a easy-to-use kite that tries to better relaunch, safety and stability.

The "Viron", says Flysurfer, makes it "practically impossible for the kite to get tangled on the water". Their goal is to "building the simplest and safest kite on the market".

And how strong and reliable is this kite? Can it resist storms and wind gusts? Well, check out how Flysurfer decided to test the quality of the new "Viron".

The answer is a crash test. Yes, a crash test in which two riders try to destroy "Viron" in a cloudy and windy day.