Peter Lynn widens kite offer

November 25, 2011 | Kiteboarding
Land kiteboarding: watch the speed limits

Peter Lynn is introducing new revolutionary kites to its brand catalogue. Leading Edge Inflatable (LEI) kites will be marketed towards the end of the year, snowkites will be introduced towards the spring of 2012 and, true to the brand, also the Twinskin range will see new kites early next year.

The Peter Lynn new kites are designed for all the major disciplines of kiting.

Do you want to go snow kiting with an awesome foil snowkite? Do you want to go kitesurfing with a high-performance tubekite? Or is it too hard to choose and do you want to go kiting on all terrains and thus win a Twinskin kite?

All you need to do is come up with a name for a future Peter Lynn kite and your entry might make you the lucky winner of a kite of your choice. You can enter the competition by liking Peter Lynn on Facebook and adding a name for a kite to this page.

Naming a kite is always a challenge, especially coming up with a name that fits the brand. You can add a type of kite or the discipline that your name would be most suitable for if you have more specific ideas.

Peter Lynn is about adventure and pushing personal boundaries, whether you want to cross the desert, win a competition or just learn a new set of tricks. To that end Peter Lynn develops spot on designs that work best for the intended use and discipline.

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