Petr Tyushkevich and Gisela Pulido are the 2009 KPWT Freestyle World Champions

December 17, 2009 | Kiteboarding

2009 KPWT Essaouira

One race was ran in the morning before the wind dropped off again just after 10h00.

It was however a very exciting race between two great competitors and they fought all the way. The upwind buoy was reached first by Bruno Sroka (FRA, CABRINHA), but Jesse Richman (HAW, CABRINHA) gained some meters on the downwind.

It was a good show of tactics by both riders and demonstrated that gear, although very important, is not the defining aspect in this discipline. Congratulations to Blazej Ozog (POL, NORTH) for coming in third, he has improved throughout the year and has applied himself well with a good positive attitude always.

This being the final event of the 2009 season, will decide the overall World Champions for 2009 on the KPWT. It has been a year filled with exciting competition, phenomenal kitesurfing locations and a lifestyle that supports sun, wind and sport.

The KPWT will release a press book for the year this week with all the results, images and rankings for the year.

Also be reminded of the new KPWT Magazine, which will be released online in the middle of January. The event in Essaouira was a relaxing end to a dynamic and intensive year of Kiteboarding.

The wind did not support the organization, but results were finalized for the Course Racers and the Freestyle riders, which was excellent and well done to the race team for their efforts.

The wind picked up again at 13h00 and the race director ran the women’s final between Gisela Pulido (SPA, AIRUSH) and Kari Schibevaag (NOR, OZONE).

Gisela started her heat with a slim chance, followed by a smooth 313 and blind judge, proving too much for Kari and sealed her name as the Women’s Freestyle Champion for 2009. The men then took to the water and Jesse Richman (HAW, CABRINHA) faced the now, 2009 Freestyle World Champion, Petr Tyushkevich (RUS, FLEXIFOIL).

Jesse progressed in a highly contested heat to meet Mike Blomvall (SWE, NOBILE) in the final. Blomvall looked to have a more technical heat whilst Richman was throwing himself into huge kiteloop front mobes and just not landing, which in the end gave Blomvall the title here in Essaouira.

It was then time for the juniors to take to the water and prove their worth in the lighter conditions. Forest Bakker (SPA, FLEXIFOIL), Blazej Ozog (POL, NORTH) and Christophe Tack (BEL, LIQUID FORCE) were eagerly watched as the points determined this year’s overall title!

The prize giving was held for the year at the ATLAS hotel in the conference room. The room was flooded with national and international press promoting the riders, the sponsors and the KPWT.

Many locals came to see their World Champions and share a picture for their memory books of this prestigious occasion hosting the World Tour Kitesurfing championship final here in Essaouira!

Thank you to Mr Soufiane Hamaini, Tarik Ottmani and all the local team that hosted the KPWT final here in Essaouira, Morocco. We can all look forward to another year of the KPWT in 2010, with new sublime kiteboarding locations and top international riders all competing for the World Tour Title.

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