Pink kiteboarders connect Cape York to Saibai Island

July 23, 2013 | Kiteboarding
Pink Torres Kitesurf Expedition: connecting Cape York to Saibai Island

A group of sixteen kiteboarders connected Cape York to Saibai Island, in Australia.

The 280-kilometre journey across the Torres Strait wants to raise awareness for the McGrath Foundation breast cancer charity.

The kitesurfers towed a giant pair of fibreglass breasts from the tip of Cape York to Saibai Island, near Papua New Guinea.

"It's really the muscles in your leg that's going to take the pain. If someone does fall in - and it will happen - then we've got five boats with us", explained kitesurfer Richard Hatherall.

The adventurers rode bright pink kites and crossed the open ocean, battling large swells, strong currents and the local wildlife in the water.

The "Boob-Sled Mission", also known as "Pink Torres Kitesurf Expedition", saw the first kiteboarding group ever to cross the Torres Strait.

The McGrath Foundation is a not for profit charity which focuses on early detection through teaching younger women to be breast aware, as well as providing critical support to those diagnosed with the disease.