Plastic surfboard: turning waste into stoke

Merijn Tinga will kitesurf along the entire Dutch coastline on a surfboard shaped with plastic waste.

The self-titled "Plastic Soup Surfer" has a very clear goal - to raise awareness for the astronomical amount of plastics floating in the North Sea.

Tinga, a Dutch artist, collected plastic waste found on local beaches and used it to create a fully functional surfboard.

The kite expedition will ride almost 500 kilometers (310 miles) from Knokke, in Belgium, to the island of Borkum, in Germany.

Unfortunately, more than 20.000 metric tons of plastic waste are dumped every year, in the North Sea, near the shores of some of the most civilized countries in the world.

Merijn Tinga believes that the monthly waste ending up in the 250 meters of a beach is enough to build a plastic surfboard. The whole project will be featured in a documentary.

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