Pro freestyle kiteboarding has new judging rules

April 4, 2012 | Kiteboarding
Freestyle kiteboarding: new rules, the same stoke

Professional freestyle kiteboarders will be competing under a new scoring system. The International Kiteboarding Association has released a list of changes that will be implemented in 2012.

Judges will write down the first 12 tricks which are performed by a rider. Crashes shall be counted as an attempt and will therefore be included within the first 12 tricks.

Only the best seven tricks will be included in the judges' scores. Also, judges' scores are based on the overall impression of these 7 tricks.

In close heats, a tie shall be broken in favor of the competitor with the better execution of tricks. If a competitor performs the same trick on the same tack more than once, it will only be the trick which is best executed that the judges shall score.

Freestyle is one of the most versatile of disciplines in kiteboarding and can be showcased in a wide variety of conditions.

There are 10 trick categories in freestyle kitesurfing: Rolls, Spins and Regular Jumps; Flats; Raley based Tricks, Sbend based Tricks; Loop and Underloop based Tricks; Back Mobe; Front Mobe; Slim Chance; KGB and Toeside Mobes.