Pudla Narapichit hailed Kiteboard Tour Asia 2012/2013 champion

May 21, 2013 | Kiteboarding
Kiteboard Tour Asia: riding fast with the monsoons

Pudla Narapichit and Doque Delos Santos have been crowned the Kiteboard Tour Asia 2012/2013 champions.

With 120 riders from 30 countries, the final and decisive Chinese stage once again broke all records, at Pingtan Island, also known as Haitan Island.

The spot is regarded as China's windiest location - regular wind speeds of over 30 knots are recorded over the winter monsoon season and all of the island's old traditional style stone houses need to have rocks placed on top of their tiled roofs to keep them in place when it blows.

In the Men's racing fleet, Pudla blasted away from start line in most races leaving the rest of the fleet well and truly in his wake. In the Women's fleet, Roose was showing her world class level and ended up taking a clear win. Kathrin Borgwardt is the KTA 2013 champion.

The Twin-Tip (TT) class saw 80 riders competing. With a fading wind, Doque Delos Santos won three out of four races and stole the KTA season trophy. Yue Chen Jing, despite her young 13 years, kept a cool head and brought home the gold for China.

In the Freestyle division, Kristiin Oja demonstrated she is the force to be beaten this season, as she powered her way through to the finals. In the Men's side, Pudla pulled off an insane combination move just when it was needed. Title number two.

Kiteboard Tour Asia 2012/2013 | Champions

Men: Pudla Narapichit
Women: Kathrin Borgwardt

Men: Doque Delos Santos
Women: Yue Chen Jing

Men: Pudla Narapichit
Women: Kristiin Oja

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