Reed Brady and Kris Kinn win the Bridge of the Gods 2010

August 19, 2010 | Kiteboarding

Bridge of the Gods: from here you enter eternity

Reed Brady and Kris Kinn have won the 11th Annual Bridge of the Gods, a kiteboarding event run in Stevenson, WA, USA.

This is the longest running North American event and, this year, more than 60 amateur kiteboarders flock to the competition site.

Tony and Carol Bolstad have put up another fantastic Bridge of the Gods, under a great atmosphere and excellent wind conditions.


Pro Ladies
1 Kris Kinn
2 Shane Gormley
3 Brittany Todd

Pro Men
1 Reed Brady
2 Alex Fox

Amateur Ladies
1 Warenka Valle
2 Jamie Fields
3 Colleen Carroll

Amateur Mens
1 Tommy Fields
2 Jeff Tskashima
3 Grom Gormley

1 Jan Boersma
2 Jim Hunt
3 Ken Ishida

1 Pinto Rodrigo
2 Cole Elsasser
3 Levi Roeseler

Mini Groms
1 Austin Keillor
2 Vetea Boersma
3 Trey Roeseler

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