Riccardo Fumini races to victory in Dubai

April 4, 2012 | Kiteboarding
Riccardo Fumini: he designs his own boards

Italian kite board shaper Riccardo Fumini has taken the first Dubai Sunset Mall Kitesurfing Challenge. The experienced Ozone rider won the first ever official kite racing event in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Riccardo managed to maintain a comfortable lead ahead of other racers on raceboards and hydrofoils, despite changing boards at the last minute due to damage to his own raceboard.

With unpredictable gusty winds dropping to lows of 6 knots, Riccardo was able to get excellent clearance from other racers on his 15m Edge. The event, although small, gives kite racing in the region a huge boost, and more events are being planned throughout the year.

Hopefully these events will help put Dubai on the map for kite racing and attract our top Ozone and other racers to compete in challenging light wind conditions.

Abu Dhabi Public Beach, Dubai Kite beach, Jebel Ali Beach and Wollongong Uni Beach are some of the best kitesurfing spots in the United Arab Emirates.