Riccardo Leccese conquers the African Kite Race Championships 2014

June 30, 2014 | Kiteboarding
Riccardo Leccese: hanging tight to the lead

Riccardo Leccese and Elena Kalinina have sailed to victory at the African Kite Race Championships 2014, held at Soma Bay, Egypt.

Thre last day of competition saw a significant drop in wind, with kiteboarders fighting for medals and better places in the overall rankings.

German world champion Florian Gruber and longtime rival Riccardo Leccese concluded a four-day battle in the windy waters of Soma Bay. In the end, it was the Italian who smiled.

"I can't be more happy than I am right now. Soma Bay gave us the best conditions because we went through all the sizes and all the situations, like pretty strong and gusty winds, and light wind on the finals," explains Leccese.

"I managed to keep my head clear, the excitement down and I am pretty stoked that my scores were almost pretty clean all the way. Eleven bullets, and then I was consistently second, and now I am happy that I got the title."

Steph Bridge found herself thriving in the light wind conditions of the last day, and dethroned Elena Kalinina in both medal races. Nevertheless, the week's challenges and conditions proved to be in Kalinina's favor. As a result, she takes the title from the hands of Bridge.

"It was a really good competition, we had a lot of good races. I was racing with Steph Bridge and Aga, and we were always fighting but finally I won. I am very happy about this, and I wish that next year we will have this competition in the same place here."

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