Richard Branson wants 500 GPS-tracked kitesurfers riding together

June 18, 2014 | Kiteboarding
Virgin Kitesurfing Armada: 500 kites ready to ride

The Virgin Kitesurfing Armada aims to get over 500 GPS-tracked kitesurfers to ride together on a downwinder between Hayling Island and Pagham, in the UK.

Sir Richard Branson is putting out a kitesurfing festival using a wind window format that will get green light on either 13th-14th September, 27th-28th September or 11th-12th October, 2014.

After breaking the Guinness World Record for the largest parade of kitesurfers (318) ever, the Virgin boss sets the bar higher, as 500 riders will sail 15 miles down the coast.

"One of the best aspects of VKSA 2013 was the atmosphere and sense of community created by kitesurfers who had come together from all across the UK and beyond to ride together, promote kitesurfing in a positive light and challenge themselves in order to raise funds for charity," the organizations underlines.

"This year's event aims to build on this platform, developing into a festival for kitesurfers, retaining the charity focus and improving a number of aspects of the downwinder."

An official decision based on all the forecasts will be made and announced 48 hours before the event. Kiteboarders that can manage winds of up to 25 knots are welcome to participate in the world record attempt.

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