Riding a kite with 200-meter lines

September 17, 2015 | Kiteboarding
John Perry: he can hardly see the kite

John Perry has gone kiteboarding with 200-meter (656 feet) kite lines.

The creative kiteboarder loves to develop his own custom lines. Recently, Perry rode a 2016 Slingshot Turbine kite, equipped with 100-meter ropes, in light wind conditions at the mouth of the Hood River, in Oregon.

The brand's R&D gear tester proved it is possible to sail in surface winds of nearly zero knots - a light breeze is what it takes to get the Turbine up in the sky.

Not happy with a 100-meter set of kite lines, Perry and the Slingshot scientists decided to step up the game. And they've doubled the length of the wires. That's right - no less than 200 meters.

John Perry can hardly see the kite. Bizarrely, or maybe not, the experience is a complete success. The rider sails away with very light winds aloft, and returns to shore with a smile on his face.

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