Rimas Kinka sails 401,2 miles for 24 hours

February 27, 2012 | Kiteboarding
Rimas Kinka: he likes to sail more than you do

Rimas Kinka has set a new kiteboarding Guinness World Record. The rider sailed 401,2 miles (645,6 kilometers) to claim the "Longest Kitesurfing Distance in 24 Hours".

He already owned the previous mark with 313,67 miles (504,8 kilometers), but he improved the record by almost 100 miles.

Rimas Kinka started the challenge at 11.20 pm, at Whale Harbour, Islamorada, Florida, USA.

The first stop for a rest was after the 100-mile mark. Ten hours after leaving the Whale Harbour, Rimas Kinka had already sailed more than 200 miles.

The kiteboarder recovered energy in the second rest, at 200 miles. Light food and water brought him back to the water.

At the third break, Kinka looked tired but still had the power to keep improving his old Guinness World Record.

The ironman reached the 20-hour with more than 330 miles behind his back.

After 24 hours of winds and salted water, the Lithuanian kiteboarder could finally take a rest.

Kinka had champagne to celebrate and the friendly company of his support team.

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