Rob Douglas beats windsurfers in the Orange Speed Crossing

April 16, 2012 | Kiteboarding
Orange Speed Crossing: Rob Douglas and Antoine Albeau sharing mutual love

Kiteboarders have won another battle against windsurfers. Rob Douglas has taken the first place at the Orange Speed Crossing Pro, at Leucate, France.

The North American kiteboarder finished the competition ahead of Anders Bringdal and Antoine Albeau, after four validated races. From the start, the wind angle is most favorable to the windsurfers, but then kiters changed thing and got their revenge.

Jamie Douglas, Rob's brother, finished fifth behind Cedric Bordes. The organizers attempted to initiate a fifth inning, but the wind was changing so much in strength and direction that it was impossible to run it.

Rob Douglas seems to beat Antoine Albeau, although the French sailor had an unlucky 14th place in the first round. But Albeau is not defeated forever.

"Luckily I was able to find the good speed and timing in the 2nd run, where I manage to keep the first position in front of Rob Douglas, but he passed me only in the end. On Wednesday it was almost the same thing, and I have been in first position almost for one hour and then in the last minutes four kiters were able to jump in front of me", explains Albeau.

"Anyway, it was a good result because the Tramontana wind is very gusty and so it's not easy to race, but I was long time in first position during the 2nd, 3rd and 4th run. With four good runs and one discard, I think this is a good result for me"

The Orange Speed Crossing Pro 2012 saw a fleet of more competitive windsurfers than last year. The water plan was smoother and there where not dangerous sand blanks close to the shore.

Orange Speed Crossing Pro 2012 | Results

1. Rob Douglas (Kiteboarder)
2. Anders Bringdal (Windsurfer)
3. Antoine Albeau (Windsurfer)
4. Cedric Bordes (Windsurfer)
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