Rob Douglas steals 2014 North American Speed Sailing Invitational

November 5, 2014 | Kiteboarding
Rob Douglas: unbeaten at Martha's Vineyard | Photo: NASSI

Rob Douglas has claimed the 2014 North American Speed Sailing Invitational (NASSI), held on the island of Martha's Vineyard, in Massachusetts, USA.

Some of the fastest kiteboarders in the world have attended the "fastest regatta in the Western hemisphere." The event had a 27,000 dollar purse and was run for 15 days.

The former speed sailing record holder, 43, dominated the competition and won 16 out 18 races held at the summer colony of Martha's Vineyard.

Rob Douglas' best average speed was of 48.4 knots with a maximum speed of over 49 knots. Kiteboarders competed on both port and starboard tacks. Brian Kender and Morgan Douglas finished NASSI in second and third, respectively.

Rob, Morgan, and Jamie Douglas are part of the North American Speed Sailing Project, a team of kiteboarders in the quest for the 60-knot frontier.

2014 North American Speed Sailing Invitational | Top Speeds

1. Robbie Douglas Cabrinha, 48.401 knots
2. Brian Kender, 44.338 knots
3. Morgan Douglas, 44.160 knots
4. Nico Parlier, 43.125 knots
5. Jamie Douglas, 44,127 knots
6. David Williams, 43.628 knots
7. Alex Aguera Aguera, 42.122 knots
8. Bill Lynch, 35.164 knots