Rob Douglas sets new world speed record with 55.65 knots

October 29, 2010 | Kiteboarding

Rob Douglas: he promised, he got it

The US kitesurfer Rob Douglas has recaptured the world speed sailing record at the 2010 Luderitz Speed Challenge with 55.65 knots. As the wind blew up to 45 knots and after raceway improvements, the records kept falling.

The North American kitesurfer fractured his right wrist on the second run and has decided to return prematurely to Boston. Sebastien Cattelan, from France, is the new French and European record holder with 55.49. But, so many more national records were beaten.

Charlotte Consorti got 48.5 knots on the display, followed 30 minutes later by Sophie Routboul with 48.64 speed. But soon after, Charlotte returned and did 50.43. She is the first lady passing the 50 knots.

Basil Cambanis established the new South African record with 50.75 knots. For Namibia, Stefan Metzger got 48.57 knots. The news Solvinian record was set by Jernej Privsek with 46.60 knots.

The Fastest Sailors of the 2010 Luderitz Speed Challenge:

1st - Rob Gouglas with 55.65 (USA)
2nd - Sebastien Cattelan with 55.49 (France)
3rd - Alex Caizergues with 54.93 (France)
4th - Sebatien Salerno with 54.28 (France)
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