Rob Douglas steals Sosh Cup 2015 from Antoine Albeau

April 27, 2015 | Kiteboarding
Rob Douglas: racing for his third Sosh Cup title | Photo: Rob Douglas

Rob Douglas has successfully defended his Sosh Cup title, at the Mondial du Vent 2015, held in Leucate, France.

The North American kiteboarder won three of the four races on the 500-meter course set in the Mediterranean Sea. The winds blew from the northwest, ranging between 18 and 28 knots.

Once again, a kiteboarder was faster that a windsurfer. Douglas managed to beat Antoine Albeau with a run of 39.85 knots. Alex Caizergues finished third. It's Rob's third victory in five years.

Rob Douglas remains undefeated in international kiteboarding speed sailing competitions since October 2011. However, his archrival Caizergues still holds the record for the fastest kiteboarding mark ever: 56.62 knots.

In the Women's speed sailing competition, Charlotte Consorti proved she is the one to beat. The French kiteboarder hit an impressive top speed of 34.96 knots to claim the overall title.

Sosh Cup 2015 | Final Results

1. Rob Douglas (USA), 39.85 knots
2. Antoine Albeau (FRA), 38.13 knots
3. Benoît Gaudiot (FRA), 37.82 knots

1. Charlotte Consorti (FRA), 34.96 knots
2. Angély Bouillot (FRA), 34.46 knots
3. Marie Desandre Navarre (FRA), 34.27 knots

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