Robinson Hilario joins the F-One freestyle team

November 17, 2010 | Kiteboarding

Robinson Hilario: the one for F-One

Robinson Hilario is the newest member of the F-One America and freestyle team.

Robinson is a rising star from Cabarete, Dominican Republic. In his international debut competition, Robinson scored 2nd place at the Heineken Puerto Rico Regatta.

In June of 2010, Robinson finished 2nd in the DR National Championships behind his mentor and fellow F-One and team rider Alex Soto. Unfortunately, due to his young age and limited resources, Robinson has not been able to compete much on the international scene. Recognizing this talent, F-One Kiteboarding intends to change that.

Robinson is currently a professional rider and assistant at Kite Club, Cosmic Kites Kiteboarding School partner on Kite Beach in Cabarete. Together, Cosmic Kites and F-One provide everything from English classes to the kite gear required for Robinson to nurture his talent and fulfill his dream of becoming the best freestyle kiteboarder in the world.

At 17 years of age, Robinson is a dedicated kiter with 6 years of kiteboarding experience and can be best described as a force. His nickname: Robhila. With this attitude, nothing gets in the way of him and the water as he refines his skills and pushes himself to invent new tricks. While on the water, Robinson exhibits no fear, able to hang with the best of the Dominican riders.

Off the water, he is a mischievous jokester with a great sense of humor. F-One and Cosmic look forward to helping Robinson grow as a kiter and as a role model to that next generation of kite beach kids who look up to him just as he looked up to Alex. We are excited to have Robinson on board, and expect great things from him in the near future as Robinson and Alex will be part the 2011 world tour.

Robinson’s kite quiver includes the 2011 F-One bandit IV. For boards he rides the 2011 F-One Trax and Acid; he also loves doing freewave sessions on the F-One bamboo surf line-up. Robinson’s other sponsors include Airbound Apparel & Hyperflex Wetsuits.

Robinson is currently training hard for the 2011 PKRA World Tour.

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