Ruben Lenten: radical dude

Ruben Lenten has successfully kite jumped from the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean in Tarifa, Spain. The Mystic kiteboarder has just recovered from a severe ankle injury to complete a major stunt.

Lenten's big jump was prepared carefully. A few moments before, the Dutch rider was anxious and stoked.

"I'm feeling happier than ever. I had some time to settle back and evaluate my life".

It was time to go for it.

The wind was strong and steady, and the water conditions were clearly choppy.

"I don't like gambling at all, but this is quite fun. I am not scared; a little bit of adrenaline is good".

Would he do it without hurting himself? After a few tests and local studies, Ruben Lenten was ready for extreme kiteboarding.

He had a recovering time of eight months, so everything should be done safely.

The problem was the wind direction, as it was blowing in the pier's orientation.

After launching his kite, Lenten rehearsed a few jumps and loops to check his form and the gear.

In the end, the kite jump went well. It was clearly easy for Ruben Lenten.

"Tarifa is a historical place for me. I have come here since I was 14. So many memories come back, and I've always dreamed of jumping over this thing. I made it two times really good".

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