Ruben Lenten: flying over the Haugastøl plateau in Norway

Ruben Lenten is the next stuntman in professional kiteboarding.

Following the spectacular kite jumps performed by British rider Lewis Crathern over the Brighton and Worthing piers, the rider, also known as "Ruben Len10," does the impossible.

In fact, during the Red Bull Ragnarok 2012, professional kiter from the Netherland completed a breathtaking jump off a hundred-meter high cliff, on the Haugastøl plateau, in Norway.

There is not much wind for snowkiting, but for flying is enough because as soon as you go down the hill, you have speed and pressure for your kite to be able to fly", explains Lenten before the challenge.

"I am a little bit nervous because I don't know how the conditions will be at the top. I think we're going to have some fun today", he revealed before climbing the hill.

When he got to the top of the mountain, he joked.

"Let's not talk about the lines. I got to be pretty confident, but I just realized these are not the lines I wanted to use".

"The worst it can happen is have a weird wind so that you don't get enough pressure in your kite and you slide down and tumble down the cliff".

No worries.

Get ready. Ruben Lenten promised he would be looking forward to more challenging kite jumps. What will he do next?

Watch the incredible jump of the Haugastøl plateau.

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