Ruben Lenten signs with Best Kiteboarding

February 5, 2013 | Kiteboarding
Ruben Lenten: sunset mega loop

Ruben Lenten has signed a contract with Best Kiteboarding. The extreme rider known for his mega loops will be pushing the limits of the sport.

Famous for throwing huge air, topped with mega loops guaranteed to set the heart of every spectator racing Ruben is acknowledged as the master of extreme kiting.

The rider also known as Len10 hopes to raise the level of his kiteboarding skills and promises a year of exciting times.

"My passion for kiteboarding is big, it's my life and this partnership allows me to raise the bar of extreme kiteboarding even higher", explains Lenten.

"Quality is essential to feel safe on the water and in the air. In order to push the limits of your body and sport you need to feel comfortable. This comfort comes from the performance of the kite and all other gear", he adds.

Best Kiteboarding and Len10 will be working closely together to create new products for the rider.

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