Rugged Point: a kiteboarding heaven in Canada's west coast

What are five kiteboarders doing on the rugged west coast of Vancouver, in the middle of wolves and killer whales?

Camille Delannoy, David Tonijuan, Etienne Lhôte, Paul Serin, and Pauline Valesa settled camp for seven days in Spring Island, Canada. They were doing it for the adventure.

Equipped with twin-tips, foil systems, strapless boards, and thick wetsuits, the kite crew lost themselves in this wild and windy paradise.

"The conditions are rough, but we wear smiles. We ended up on Rugged Point Beach, untangling our Kite lines over bear tracks," expressed the team.

"Our hands are still shaking at the frozen memory of that water. Our mind still shivers at the memory of these sessions."

"Rugged Point" is an ode to kiteboarding freedom. It's not about tricks and prowess. It's an invitation for you to search for Cloud 9 in our somehow endless and random planet.

Produced by Manera, the makers of "Valhalla."

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