Ryland Blakeney wins the Wedge Island Wave Competition

November 19, 2010 | Kiteboarding
Ryland Blakeney: turning like a surfer

Fifty kitesurfers enjoyed a very pleasant inaugural WAKSA Wedge Island Wave Competition.

In six hours of intense competition, the wind decided to keep the competitor's full commitment to the heat battles. That means 22-to-25-knot winds when the final decisions came to a close.

Five divisions were run: amateurs, masters, grandmasters, open men, and juniors.

Russell Curtin was the man behind the successful event organization and also the winner of the veteran's competition.

In the end, the winners were crowned.

Wedge Island Wave Competition | Results

1st Clint Nash
2nd Simon Brown
3rd Alex Bertram

1st Karl Leavey
2nd Fabio Stiles
3rd Billy Hannigan

Grand Masters:
1st Russ Curtin
2nd Kent Wright
3rd Ray Quahs

Open Men’s:
1st Ryland Blakeney
2nd Niall Barret
3rd Corey Brown

Liam Walker