Sam Light flies to victory at the 2016 Triple-S Invitational

June 13, 2016 | Kiteboarding
Sam Light: the king of the Triple-S Invitational | Photo: Bromwich/Triple-S Invitational

Sam Light and Karolina Winkowska have claimed the 2016 Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational, at Cape Hatteras, in North Carolina.

The Real Slider Park is a kiteboarding heaven, especially to those who appreciate obstacles and flat water arenas. With two kickers, a 45-foot "reverse rainbow", an 82-foot "A-frame," and a 56-foot "rooftop rail," this is the ultimate kite park.

One of the highlights of the competition was Christophe Tack's first ever 900 landed in a kite park competition. The rotation opens way to the long-awaited 1080.

All riders had to compete in five different challenges: the North Rail, KOA Kicker, Liquid Force Rail, Core Kicker, and the JWCF Rail. As always, the battles for the podium were tight, but the European contingent prevailed.

"Yesterday, it was one of the most epic days of kiteboarding I have ever witnessed! I had so much fun riding with everyone in the finals! Everybody was throwing down! So happy! What an amazing week of Kiteboarding with my buddies!" expressed Sam Light.

The British kiteboarder attacked the obstacles like no one and won the event with two more points than Brandon Scheid. On the women's side, Winkowska beat Colleen Carroll by only 0.25 points.

"Dreams come true! It was the most unexpected result ever! I still can't believe what happened last night. Crazy! Thank you to my amazing team and Alexander Lewis-Hughes for support during the entire week. I couldn't do it without you!" added Karolina Winkowska.

The top 16 Men and top 4 Women from the 2016 Triple-S Invitational will earn an automatic invite to the 2017 edition.

2016 Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational | Final Results

1. Sam Light (GBR)
2. Brandon Scheid (USA)
3. Christophe Tack (BEL)
4. Noe Font (SPA)
5. Ewan Jaspan (AUS)
6. Aaron Hadlow (GBR)
7. Craig Cunningham (CAN)
8. Jake Kelsick (ANT)
9. Eric Rienstra (USA)
10. Billy Parker (USA)
11. Axel Tack (BEL)
12. Maciek Lewandowski (POL)
13. Tobias Holter (GER)
14. Alex Fox (USA)
15. Sam Medysky (CAN)
16. Rich Sabo (USA)

1. Karolina Winkowska (POL)
2. Colleen Carroll (USA)
3. Bruna Kajiya (BRA)
4. Sensi Graves (USA)
5. Annelous Lammerts (NED)
6. Lindsay McClure (USA)
7. Manuela Jungo (SWI)
8. Victoria Soloveykina (RUS)