Sam Light wins the 2014 Triple-S Invitational

June 9, 2014 | Kiteboarding
2014 Triple-S Invitational: the best riders in the best of places

Sam Light is the grand overall winner of the 2014 Triple-S Invitational, held in Cape Hatteras.

The British kiteboarder has confirmed the quality of his ride across all divisions. Light won the Sliders, finished runner-up in the Surf category, and claimed the combined title.

"I didn't expect it, to be honest. The level was so high this year. It was really close across every discipline, so I'm blown away. I can't believe I won back-to-back," Light tells our friends at The Kiteboarder Magazine.

But Aaron Hadlow showed he is back on winning track. The kite magician put out an impressive, all-round performance to win the Surf and Slicks divisions. The best wipeout award went to Mary Lacroix Samson for a massive unhooked crash in the waves.

Colleen Carroll celebrated a pristine victory in the overall Women's division, after claiming Slicks and Sliders. The Surf title went to Victoria Soloveykina. The 2014 Triple-S Invitational Rookie of the Year is Tobias Holter.

2014 Triple-S Invitational Results

Men's Overall
1. Sam Light (GBR)
2. Brandon Scheid (USA)
3. Aaron Hadlow (GBR)

Women's Overall
1. Colleen Carroll
2. Victoria Soloveykina
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