Sam Medysky dominates the first Kite Clash

August 9, 2013 | Kiteboarding
Sam Medysky: all-round winner of the Kite Clash

Sam Medysky has stolen the inaugural Kite Clash, held at the Squamish Spit, in British Columbia.

The spot known as "Spit" has a giant rock jetty which creates the perfect flat water riding conditions and ultimate kiteboard spectator destination.

The event was held over three days and had competitors competing in Big Air, Freestyle, Sickest Trick and Slider Jam.

Daniel Koenig was the one who got the most time airborne. Despite a fierce competition by Brandon Scheid and Matt Cooper, Sam Medysky has been crowned the  Canadian National Freestyke Kiteboarding champion.

On the third day of Kite Clash, riders finished their duties by completing the Sickest Trick and Slider Jam divisions. Sam Medysky was the man of the day, as he took both titles.

Kite Clash 2013 | Results

Big Air Men
1. Daniel Koenig
2. Sam Medysky
3. Dan Grains

Big Air Wome
1. Nadina Kaminer
2. Josee Fontaine
3. Matt Cooper

Freestyle Men
1. Sam Medysky
2. Brandon Scheid
3. Matt Cooper

Freestyle Women
1. Josee Fontaine
2. Kalena Nielsen
3. Nadina Kaminer
4. Nadine Manson
5. Tracy Saxby

Sickest Trick Men
1. Sam Medysky
2. Daniel Grains
3. Mark Koenig

Sickest Trick Women
1. Andrea Fletcher!
2. Melanie Caron
3. Josee Fontaine

Slider Jam Men
1. Sam Medysky
2. Nick Callejo
3. Matt Cooper

Slider Jam Women
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