Sean Farley and Melissa Gil shine on the US Kite Nationals

May 8, 2009 | Kiteboarding

Sean Farley and Melissa Gil shine on the US Kite Nationals

Sean Farley and Melissa Gil lead after the first day of racing

After the first day of racing in very windy conditions, average wind speed 25 to 30 mph Sean Farley, (MEX) North/NJS Designs and Melissa Gil, (PUE) Cabrinha/NJS Designs lead off the rankings.

Five exiting races had 20 competitors on the starting line with clean starts and no collisions or protest in the almost all Professional field. On the men’s side Sean Farley took four out of the five races.

On the woman’s side it has been toe to toe racing between the top three with the finishes in most races 10 seconds apart from each other.

Melissa Gil is in the lead for now.

Winds are forecasted at 20 to 25 mph for Thursday and 30 to 35 mph for the rest of the week ensuring a great set up for the remainder of the competition.

The race course is set with a one mile upwind mark and average times to finish the course are between 16 to 18 minutes.



1 Sean Farley MEX
2 Sky Solbach USA
3 Jesse Richman USA
4 Damien Leroy USA
5 Chip Wasson USA


1 Melissa Gil PUE
2 Sandy Parker USA
3 Kristin Boese GER

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