Sean Murphy completes a giant kite jump in Tramore

August 4, 2015 | Kiteboarding
Sean Murphy: kite jumping over Tramore Beach

Sean Murphy has successfully kite jumped from the Tramore Beach to the Back Strand, in Ireland.

The kitesurfer from Waterford had been eyeing this dangerous stunt for quite a while. Despite the high winds and flash floods that hit this Irish southwest region, Murphy decided it was time to do it.

Surrounded by friends and kiteboarding enthusiasts, the intrepid rider accelerated, reached shallow waters and jumped over the dune and into the tidal lagoon known as the Back Strand.

Tramore has become one of the most important surfing regions in Ireland. The local beach breaks offer multiple quality peaks, especially when southern swells and offshore winds hit the shores.

Sean Murphy has been considered one of the best and most innovative kiteboarders of his generation in Ireland. The Tramore Beach to Back Strand jump is no shorter than 50 meters.