Sebastien Garat flies to victory at the 2012 PKRA Fuerteventura

August 6, 2012 | Kiteboarding
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Sebastien Garat and Gisela Pulido have taken the Airstyle titles at the 2012 PKRA Fuerteventura.

Measuring 15-25 knots throughout the duration of the day, riders pumped up kites as big as 12-meters to ensure their airs would be big with lots of hang time.

Most notably, Kevin Langeree was able to climb the double elimination ladder straight from the start, hitting an impressive Double Handle Pass, among other classic maneuvers.

He defeated Paul Serin, Christophe Tack, and Nils Wesch, before going up against Sebastian Garat in the final heat. This last battle involved some great Board-Offs and nicely executed One-Footers from Garat, which eventually won him the heat, and the PKRA Airstyle Championship title.

Competing in the women’s category, Bruna Kajiya, Gisela Pulido, Annabel Van Westerop, Karonlina Winkowska and Wiktoria Rosinska went head to head.

Van Westerop impressed after beating Kajiya early on, yet went on to lose to Pulido, who took the win and the championship title as well with a combination of technical tricks and quality One-Footers.

Upon finishing the competition, both winners expressed gratitude and excitement with their win, especially Pulido who found this freestyle event more difficult than usual.

After the excitement and enthusiasm died down, competitors were able to relax and reflect on the action-packed event that is always found in Fuerteventura.

Some riders were packed and ready to move onto their next location for training, already discussing the upcoming event in China, while others seemed sad to see the week end.

All in all, the Fuerteventura World Cup provided an astonishing amount of amazing riding, paired with incredible wins and even some unexpected turns. With the final outcomes of the double eliminations, Alex Pastor and Bruna Kajiya currently retain first place world rankings.