Shared podiums at the 2016 Mondial Du Vent

April 25, 2016 | Kiteboarding
Valentin Garat: a strong performance in Leucate | Photo: Bromwich/IKA

No wind, no glory. The 2016 Leucate Kiteboarding Grand Slam was unable to crown event winners due to the lack of wind.

Mondial Du Vent is the French stop on the inaugural Kiteboarding World Championships. Unlike in previous editions, Nature's invisible power was not enough to finish the contest.

With only one and a half contestable days of competition, male and female riders had to share the podium - four men tied equal first, and six women tied equal first.

However, it was interesting to see the return of Liam Whaley after an injury, the rise of the rise of the Garat brothers, Kajiya and Vieira's spectacular clash, and Carlos Mario's massive nose grabbed backmobe 540.

On the third and last day of competition, kiteboarders kept in the water until 8pm in one of the longest ever freestyle marathons in the history of the sport.

It could be worse. The good news is that, at least, a few heats were finished, and points were awarded. The 2016 Mondial Du Vent will certainly play a major role in the world title race, even if it was the wind who played the most tricks.

2016 Leucate Kiteboarding Grand Slam | Results

1. Zoon (NED), Pastor (ESP), Spiessberger (AUT), Mario (BRA)
5. Whaley (ESP), Tonijuan (ESP), Serin (FRA), Martinez (DOM)

1. van Westerop (ARU), Kajiya (BRA), Novotna (CZE), Whiteley (GBR), Rosa (BRA), Valesa (FRA)
7. Vieira (BRA), Bagnoli (ITA)