Simon Wichtermann wins maiden Australian Freestyle kiteboarding title

March 17, 2015 | Kiteboarding
Simon Wichtermann: a title in the bag, finally | Photo: AKSA

Simon Wichtermann has conquered the 2015 Australian Kiteboard Freestyle National Championships, in Dolls Point, Sydney.

The 24-year-old rider took nine years to claim the Freestyle title, but his Backmobe 5 proved hard to beat in the challenging 30-to-35 winds on offer.

"I'm so wrapped to finally get it. I just want to say to all the people starting out in Freestyle to get out there and get to the competitions and have fun. Freestylers are the best people to hang out with," expressed Wichtermann.

"Making the final and going up against Declan made me relax. The groms had been training hard and making a lot of noise about their chances and they had me almost freaking out."

Marine Sudre, from Sydney, dominated the Women's division despite the ferocious attacks from her rival Katie Potter, who nailed a 313. Luke Smith shone in the Under 18 category while Manny Blanch prevailed in the Under 16 competition.

The windiest Australian Kiteboard Freestyle Nationals of all time also crowned Rich Stenning in the Under 35 division.

2015 Australian Kiteboard Freestyle National Championships | Final Results

1. Simon Wichtermann
2. Declan McCarthy
3. James Bedford

1. Marine Sudre
2. Katie Potter
3. Sammy Pearce

Under 18
1. Luke Smith
2. Matt Buchanan
3. Ryan Hamer Parsons

Under 16
1. Manny Blanch
2. Aaron Kenny
3. Kye Evans

1. Rich Stenning
2. James Grundy
3. Rob Sellar

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