Snow and water kiteboarders battle for victory

August 2, 2011 | Kiteboarding
Yourmood Kitecup: this is certainly Switzerland

Nazaré is the selected venue for the second stage of the 2011 Yourmood Kitecup. After the snow event, it's time to head to sunny Portugal for the water kiteboarding contest, from 22nd-28th August.

If winter spot was one of the most beautiful places in the world for kitesnow (Bernina Pass, Engadine, Switzerland), the water competition will also take place in a very unique spot of the Portuguese Coast.

Nazare explored by national and international riders and offers good wind and constant waves. There will be alternative beaches waves and flat water, according to different weather conditions.

The goal is to award the best riders for each discipline, but also to award him/her for being the best rider on the water and snow. Even if the rider did not come in the winter session, they have all chances to leave with the prize money of 2000 euros.

In the Portuguese contest, there will be a freestyle competition, but also a wave challenge. Up to 40 experienced riders are expected to come from all over Europe.

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