Snow kiteboarders circumnavigate Greenland

June 19, 2014 | Kiteboarding
Snow kiteboarding: it's harder than you think

Two snow kiteboarders have successfully concluded the circumnavigation of Greenland.

The veteran polar explorers are the first ever to kite around the world's largest island. Michael Charavin and Cornelius Strohm sailed 5067 kilometers (3148 miles), in 58 days.

The whole expedition was 100% powered by snow kiteboarding. It is also longest kite ski journey of all time. "Wings Over Greenland" was a logistic challenge, so that everything went right.

Balaclavas, ski goggles, gloves, boots, sleds, food, GPS systems, tents, gear. Nothing could be forgotten because they were simply in the middle of nowhere.

In the last couple of days, Charavin and Strohm had to make difficult decisions. They had to try to finish the challenge in 36 hours or else there was a risk of total absence of wind for several days.

Pumped by adrenaline, the group decides to go for broke. "Two kilometers before our target ending point, we walk passed the place where we set up the first camp, two months ago," the team explains.

In the last morning, they sailed across the fjords and reached the small village of Narsaq, where it all started. Mission accomplished.

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