Steady winds crown champions at the PKRA Fuerteventura 2014

July 25, 2014 | Kiteboarding
Liam Whaley: tasty victory at Fuerteventura

Liam Whaley, Gisela Pulido, Julien Kerneur and Annelous Lammerts triumphed in the Freestyle and Slalom finals of the 2014 Fuerteventura Grand Slam, held in the Canary Islands.

Spanish kiteboarding fans cheered two winning compatriots in the last day of competition at Fuerteventura. Whaley and Pulido dominated the Freestyle event.

In the Women's division, Pulido managed to climb from second place in the singles, and beat Karolina Winkowska by less than a point, forcing a super-final. The Spanish would prevail once again.

"Winning in Spain is awesome because I feel the support of the people cheering for me on the beach. I just couldn't believe that I won twice over Karolina - that just means a lot for me and my mind. After coming second so many times, you lose confidence, so it gives me a lot of motivation," explains Pulido.

In the Men's division, there were some very close heats. Tack defeated Aaron Hadlow by .09, and he would only fall in the final against Liam Whaley.

The Slalom races were run in 17- 25 knots of wind. Annelous Lammerts took over first place from Bibiana Magaji, and Manuela Jungo finished third. Julien Kerneur confirmed his leadership in the venue, leaving Ozzie Smith and Paul Serin in the remaining podium places.

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