Still no wind at the 2010 Mondial du Vent in Leucate

April 15, 2010 | Kiteboarding

Mondial du Vent: wind still not for sale

The wind in Leucate, France did not want to cooperate yet again today. Due to unpredictable weather forecasts, we have to be prepared to make the most of our time at each an every event despite the weather.

Today the sun was shinning bright, loads of people were out and about enjoying the weather and the competitors had the opportunity to test their combat skills as they participated in a mock “training day” obstacle course.

If you ask any rider about how there “training day” went today, they would tell you that they dripped loads of sweat, were severely out of breath and their stomachs were upset due to the immense amounts of marshmallows they ingested.

Pro riders from all around the world such as the Mondial du Vent freestyle single elimination champion Andy Yates (Slingshot, AUD), Youri Zoon (Slingshot, NED), Kevin Langeree (Naish, NED), Angela Peral (North, ESP), Jesse Richman (Cabrinha, USA), and Alberto Rondina (Cabrinha, ITA) proved that they like to have fun by participating in this 30-minute competition.

to Alberto Rondina (Cabrinha, ITA) who managed to run the course the fastest and performed ten pushups while the drill sergeant screamed in his ear.

The 2009 women and men freestyle champions Bruna Kajiya (Flexifoil, BRA) and Kevin Langeree (Naish, NED) performed a little entertainment show for the video crew to promote the opening of the 2010 Mondial du Vent in Leucate, France as they made believe they were driving in a Volkswagen automobile from Hua Hin, Thailand all the way to Leucate, France.

The only means of a navigation system in this 1969 VW was his sense of smell. He joked and said he could smell the cheese across the ocean, through the valley’s and over the Alps. Unfortunately tomorrows weather forecast looks much the same as today, but you never really can predict the weather.

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