Study and ride in the World Class Kiteboard Academy

March 13, 2014 | Kiteboarding
World Class Kiteboard Academy: a pleasant and useful experience

Would you study in a school that prepares pupils for the world of kiteboarding? Look no further. Meet the World Class Kiteboard Academy (WCKA).

The World Class Kiteboard Academy is an accredited private high school that combines academics, athletics, travel, and cultural immersion with the sport of kiteboarding.

It was designed to be a school for students who are motivated to learn beyond the traditional classroom and for students who want kiteboarding to take them to new boundaries of discovery.

You don't need to be a pro, and you're not forced to be pro kiteboarder in the future. WCKA accepts kiters who can stay upwind, have a good spirit, and a desire to kiteboard around the world.

"Our graduates feel they have graduated from a program that provided an education preparing them far better than the average student upon entering college," explains the team behind WCKA.

"Key aspects of this preparation lie in the small class sizes and the ability to adapt learning situations to the surrounding environment."

World Class Kiteboard Academy follows the same or greater scholastic guidelines used by most college preparatory high schools, yet our courses are enriched with unique experiences gained only through traveling the world.

Students attend the program for a minimum of one semester or a maximum total of four years. The average attendance at the academy is one year.

WCKA also offers a mentoring program, family days, food and lodging, kiteboard training, and service learning projects.

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