Sun and wind in the 2011 PKRA Mexico

March 25, 2011 | Kiteboarding
PKRA Mexico: there's a tequila waiting for him at the end of the day

Sun and wind marked the second day of the PKRA Mexico, in the beautiful Riviera Maya. A large number of spectators lurked around the beach today in hopes of catching a glimpse of all the exciting kiteboarding action.

A total of five course races were held today under light but unstable and gusty winds averaging 10-12 knots. Racers pumped up their largest kites and dashed off to the start line for what would be the first race of the Racing Kiteboard World Tour & Freestyle Pro.

John Heineken took first place in three races of five today, earning him the top position on the scoring chart. He managed to come in second place in the second race and ran into a bit of trouble during the fourth race, which was the cause for him to not finish.

French rider Olivier Dansin had a couple of great runs today, finishing first as well as second in two races today followed by a third position in the third race. Blazej Ozog was amongst the top scoring racers today taking on second place in one race today.

An impressive debut for newcomer to the PKRA World Tour Racing lineup is Riccardo Leccese from Columbia. Leccese represented his country proudly today by taking second place in one race today as well as two third place positions.

In the women’s racing division all three women fought strategically for first place. French rider Caroline Adrien made a couple errors during the first two races of the day, which set her back to the overall second position.

Melissa Gil had a spectacular run today taking on first place in the first two races followed by three second place finishes. Gil who has been competing competitively for some time has proved today that her skills and determination could find her taking an event title here in Mexico.

Spanish rider Nuria Goma ran a tight course today enabling her second place in the first two races of the day followed by three third place positions in the final three races of the day.

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