Switch adds a "Spider Bridle" to kites

December 2, 2015 | Kiteboarding
Spider Bridle: Switch is changing the way we kite

Switch has announced the launch of the "Spider Bridle," a new short bridle system for kites that looks like a spider web.

The innovative and complex line structure includes a spider junction, which allows the kite to tip with no change in the load distribution along the leading edge.

"The 'Spider Bridle' is a combination of a foil kite bridle in the center and sort of a bridge bridle tow point in the wingtips. What happens is you have really good shape control, you have good stability, and you're able to move the tow point around without changing any of the other lines," explains Bill Hansen, kite designer at Switch.

"The result was we were able to shorten the bridle substantially, we have much better shape control on the wingtips, and we have less flexibility on the overall bridle, which allows the kite to depower really nicely."

The "Spider Bridle" also results in fast turning, no tangles, improved re-launch, lower bar pressure and consistent rear line tension for control sheeted out. The kite system will be included in Switch's Nitro series.

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