Tack and Winkowska conquer the Mondial du Vent 2014

May 2, 2014 | Kiteboarding
Christophe Tack: the unstoppable freestyle machine

Christophe Tack and Karolina Winkowska have conquered the Mondial du Vent 2014, in Leucate, France.

The final day of the PKRA Mondial du Vent 2014 kicked off under sunny skies and warm spring-like conditions, with winds in the 16 knots and riders using 7-11m kites, as the wind slowly built to 20 knots later.

Alex Neto rode strong advancing over Youri Zoon and Reno Romeu. Neto unleashed a variety of powerful tricks including the Crow Mobe 5 and Blind Judge 5, proving that he is strong contender for the podium.

However, Neto's climb was put to a stop in his heat against Marc Jacobs. Although the riders scores were very close, Jacob's high scoring Hinterberger Mobe and Front Blind Mobe put him into the next heat against former World Champion Aaron Hadlow. Despite high scoring heats from both riders, it was Jacobs advancing by .26 of a point.

In what was undoubtedly the best performance of the entire event, Christophe Tack executed a flawless heat against Jacobs to win the final in front of thousands of spectators.

Starting off strong, Tack never waivered for a second and landed an amazing arsenal of powered technical maneuvers for a total of 11 tricks landed without a single crash.

Not one trick scored below a 6.11. In the final heat, Tack landed a Crow Mobe 5, Front Blind Mobe, and an impressive 317 that was the highest scoring trick of the event averaging 8.63 points.

The women's level was exceptionally high today as well. Manuela Jungo earned her first spot on the podium by upsetting Annabel Van Westerop in a close heat.

While both women had high scores, it was Jungo advancing by .78 of a point with an impressive Mobe and S1. Jungo later would fight for second and third place against Karolina Winkowska with Winkowska taking the win.

Pitted against the winner of the single elimination Gisela Pulido, Winkowska narrowly took the win by .70 points. In accordance with the double elimination format, the winner of the single elimination must be beat twice to be knocked off the top spot.

In what is known as a super-final, Winkowska went up against Pulido again. In a battle that left both women exhausted and the crowds on the beach cheering, Winkowska took the win by 3.34 points ousting Pulido from first place.

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