Tandem kiteboarding: Tamatoa Gillot only travels with girls

Tamatoa Gillot has created a special harness that allows for tandem kiteboarding.

The passionate kiteboarder enjoys sharing all the feelings he gets when riding the transparent waters of Tahiti.

But how could he kite with someone? Unless you're Richard Branson, it would be difficult.

Tamatoa Gillot managed to develop a kite harness, which allows him to carry a person. There's one rule, though. Girls only.

One of the first girls to try the kite stunts was Léa Bernadet, a former competitive skier who had been the victim of an alpine accident that made her paralyzed at only 19.

"Putting up Lea was intense. I totally obscured her handicap," says Tamatoa Gillot.

"Then I realized that the position for a quadriplegic in handisport is a sitting one, the opposite of what we were doing! It was a lot of emotion for both of us.

The kiteboarder's invention will probably be marketed, as it can be of really good use in kiteboarding schools and in giving a kite opportunity to disabled adventurers.

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