Big air kiteboarding: know the rules and win contests | Photo: Heide/Red Bull

Big air kiteboarding is growing fast. The eye-catching discipline is conquering new participants and supporters. Check what it takes to win a high jump competition.

Ruben Lenten, Lewis Crathern, Jesse Richman, and Kevin Langeree are well known for their incredible airs in super windy spots.

They were not born with special talents. They learned, improved, and fine-tuned their big air techniques.

After getting acquainted with the art of launching your kite into the bluest sky, it's time to learn how you can transform your higher power into victories, trophies, and titles.

Today, it is possible to fly up to 25 meters (82 feet) and become a world champion.

Big Air Kite Rules

Information is power, so make sure you memorize the following rules:

  1. Kiteboarders will be scored while being in the competition area;
  2. Kiteboarders are allowed to use any equipment in big air competitions - there are (usually) no restrictions;
  3. Kiteboarders should never land jumps on the beach;
  4. Judges award each kiteboarder's jumps points on a scale from 1 to 10 in increments of 1/10th of a point;
  5. Tied kiteboarders' heat scores will be listed in order of the best to worst individual jump scores - the rider with the best individual jump score wins;
  6. Judges analyze and score jumps based on height (70 percent), technical difficulty, and risk factor (30 percent);
  7. Wind conditions may determine a change in the weight given to the above scoring categories;
  8. The big air jumps have four basic categories: basic spins and rolls, kite loops, board-offs, and handle passes;
  9. Capsizing, grabbing the safety leash, crashing the kite, sinking, and landing on your back will be considered crashes by the judges;
  10. Crashes will be scored 0 points and will be counted as a jump attempt;

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