The 2009 Oxbow Kite Open Race will be held in Belgium

June 14, 2009 | Kiteboarding

2009 Oxbow Kite Race

The 2009 Oxbow Kite Open Race will be held between 26th-28th June, on the beach of the RBSC of Duinbergen, Belgium.

On program:
Longue Distance
Slalom Race
Oxbow Kite Festival will be born for the first time in Belgium at this event.

The reason of the Oxbow Kite Open Race II is to develop and make known the kiteboarding with the eyes of Belgian general public, according to qualitative and professional standards. This second edition is based on 1 event on the Belgian coast.

This event will get together all the Belgian amateurs in this very spectacular discipline and completely in the wind which is the kitesurf.

With its 63 km of coast, this country offers a superb place of practice with very good conditions of wind, beautiful great beaches and the reception of the local population is more often very cordial.

Belgium also has a population of approximately 1.500 practises in perpetual increase. Best Belgian Riders will come to make the spectacle.

Everything is joined to do the OXBOW Kite Open Race a success. The objective is to decree the titles: Miss and Mister OXBOW Kite open Race and to put Belgium like the country of Kitesurf.

During 2 days, the public will be invited to take part in the first Kite festival

to discover:
the technical innovations 2009 of the various brands of kite:
Cabrinha, Flysurfer, Flyboard, Bestkiteboarding, Ozone, Nobile, JN , North, Liquid Force

of the demonstrations:
kitesurf freestyle with the champion of Belgium Steve Verelst
Blokart and katalyst (catamaran for blokart!)
Kitewing with Ronald Verhaegen (World Top rider )
Padle Surfing

of initiations:
Padle Surfing

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