The 2010 Cabrinha Race Series will be hosted by the St. Francis Yacht Club

April 11, 2010 | Kiteboarding

Cabrinha Race Series: season five

Cabrinha is pleased to announce the 2010 Cabrinha Race Series. This will mark the FIFTH season of the Cabrinha Race Series, the series that introduced kite course racing to the world.

The series, hosted by the prestigious St. Francis Yacht Club, has established itself as ground zero for kite board racing world wide. With most of the world's best racers and champions having participated in the series, it has also been a proven test ground for most of the worlds successful R&D regarding boards and fins.

John Craig, St Francis Race Director has used his experience with the Cabrinha Race Series to secure the establishment/recognition of a kiteboard class with the US Sailing Association and then the International Sailing Federation. The first two US Nationals/North American Continentals (2007/08) were held by the St. Francis as well as the first Worlds in 2009.

No event, especially one of the stature of the Cabrinha Race Series could exist without the support of sponsors. In addition to Cabrinha and the St. Francis whose highly recognizeable names and credibility provided immediate legitimacy to the series, Ozonetravel of Miami, Fl and Captain Kirks of San Pedro, Ca and La Ventana, BCS, Mx, have signed on as 2010 sponsor.

Both with very familiar names and a history of success. Ozonetravel is back for the fourth year of sponsorship while Captain Kirks signs on for his first.

The 2010 Cabrinha Race Series will be held over six months, April-Sept with 13 scheduled nights of racing consisting on average of 3 races per evening. The 2010 schedule is: April 15/29, May 13/27, June 10/24, July 1/15/29, Aug 12/26, and Sept 9/23. Participants may sign up for the entire series or just evening by evening.

Prizes/awards, including trips to Brazil, Cabrinha gear, and the winners name on the prestigious perpetual trophy will be provide at the conclusion of the series. There are also three mini series consisting of 4 races nights. At the conclusion of each, awards are provided and a free raffle is conducted. uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Learn more on our About section.