The 2010 KiteJamboree brings kitesurfing action to El Gouna in Egypt

May 5, 2010 | Kiteboarding

KiteJamboree: smile, you're in the Venice of Africa

KiteJamboree is an annual kitesurfing event including test and fair of newest kite gear, competitions, fashion show, parties and more.

It’s the biggest event of such kind in this part of the globe and it will take place in El Gouna, Egypt from 16th to 23rd of May 2010.

KiteJamboree combines competitions with a great opportunity to train with the pros, talk to the manufacturers and try out the latest equipment on one of the best kite spots in Egypt. It’s a chance for the manufacturers to get rider feedback on their latest gear and for you to give your ideas for the future.

El Gouna, also known as the Venice of Africa, is only 20km away from the Hurghada airport. It’s a beautiful city situated on tens of interconnected islands, providing for comfortable relaxation and great fun.

KiteJamboree will also include conferences on new trends, safety of kitesurfing and teaching, and an exhibition of the newest kiteboarding and wakeboarding equipment, with the opportunity to test it.

KiteJamboree is a great opportunity to train with the pros, to see and try out the latest equipment in a real environment and talk directly with the producers. The manufacturers get the benefit of feedback from you, the real riders on the spot, live!


The event will take place on the beach, between RedSeaZone and Kiteboarding Club kitesurfing Centers.
The main event organizers are: RedSeaZone Watersport Academy, Kristin Boese,, Kiteboarding-Club and El Gouna.

Throughout these incredible ten days we’ve planned for you countless attractions, the most important ones being:
Test&Fair – an exposition of the newest kiteboarding and wakeboarding equipment.

During the exhibition you’ll be able to test the boards and kites on show and you’ll also get the one-off chance to meet some of the most famous team riders. Each exhibitor will be provided with a stand for best possible product presentation.

Competition – an open competition allowing for both, amateurs and pros to take part. Apart from the professional team of judges any participant will be able to give their marks. Anyone can be a judge!!! Anyone can win!!!

KB4Girls – a school of kitesurfing exclusively for women, run by no less than 9x world champion Kristin Boese, will be running on 18-20th of May (book here)

Free demo lessons – for all interested in this highly addictive sport we will conduct demo lessons free of charge.

Photo shoots and video sessions – each day a professional TV and photo crew will register the clashes on the water and the crazy parties on the beach, these will later be presented every evening on the beach. Anyone can take photos!!! Anyone can win the Picture Of The Day competition!!!

Symposiums and discussions – all through the greatest gathering of the kite-community, you’ll have the chance to personally meet friends known only from the internet, have discussions with amateurs, team riders, and distributors about the current trends in gear, competitions and safety.

Other attractions – wakeboarding, waterskiing, parasailing, kayaking, beach volleyball, a football tournament, animations for children, aerobics, beach fashion shows, parties and karaoke on the beach and in El Gouna’s finest clubs.

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