The 2010 Kitesurf Tour Europe will kick off in Podersdorf

March 9, 2010 | Kiteboarding

Kitesurf Tour Europe: yes, it's IKA sanctioned

For 2010 we like to invite the best kiteboarders to compete for the European Championship in Freestyle Kiteboarding. The series will be called Kitesurf Tour Europe (KTE).

Since 2002, the Kitesurf Trophy created in Germany offers riders a highly professional platform to compete. The sanctioning of the IKA (International Kiteboarding Association) encouraged us to share this know-how with the european kiteboarding community by organising and promoting the first ever european continental championship.

Therefore we are happy to share the next season with some of the most professional events in Europe:

- Kitesurf Tour Europe, Podersdorf (Austria) May 6th - 9th
o Price Money: 5.000€ Freestyle; 2.500€ Racing
- Kiteboard Open, Noordwijk (Netherlands) May 22nd -24th
o Price Money: 5.000€ Freestyle; 2.500€ Racing
- KiteRace WorldCup Westerland (Germany) June 22nd- 27th
o Price Money: 20.000€ Freestyle; 10.000€ Racing
- Kitesurf Tour Europe, Lake Silvaplana (Switzerland) July 2nd - 4th
o Price Money: 5.000€ Freestyle; 2.500€ Racing
- Kitesurf Tour Europe, Swinoujscie (Poland) August 25th-29th
o Price Money: 5.000€ Freestyle; 2.500€ Racing

This championship series is the correspondent tour to the Kite Tour Asia (KTA) and is encouraging other continental series for a regional and global growing of the competing community. Kitesurf Tour Europe means:

- for the kiteboarding community: More riding with less travel but reasonable price money and media presence. More international events to promote the sport also on national level
- for the sponsors: The series offers more kiteboarding with less costs but more media presence due to the newly established national identification of professional athletes with their home countries and TV-spectators

The Championship is designed to host the best riders of Europe and is "international open".

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